Ride On - Sweepers

Ride On - Industrial Road Cleaning & Sweeping Machine in India


Outdoor floors and roads are rough and hard. These areas could be extra large; hence, cleaning them could be extra tiring. Regular mops and brooms do not work effectively in these areas. Forbes Pro brings a comprehensive range of industrial sweeping machines that help sweeping the outdoor areas, especially the pathways and roads that need to be cleaned recurrently.

These are Ride On Sweeper machines on which the operator can sit and clean the desired area. These sweeping apparatus can proficiently brush the hard surfaces of roads, and remove dust, debris, small pebbles, leaves, papers and the constituents usually found in outdoor areas. Our innovatively designed, heavy-duty, battery/electricity operated road sweeping equipment machines can clean corners and walls sides adeptly, without leaving any bits and pieces.

We, Forbes Pro, have the largest array of road sweeping machines in Indi. These tools are being offered after extensive testing rounds, and have been serving at hundreds of industrial units, across the country. Check out our selection of road cleaning machine in India, and opt for the one that you find meets your requirements.

CS 60 B
CS 700/800 H/B
CS 80 D/B
CS 90 D/B
CS 100 D/B
CS 110 D/B
CS 120 D/B
CS 140